Corporate events

Workplace health promotion, team day, kick-off, summer party, christmas party, brainstorming, as a price for team efforts, or just a fun thing to do with a larger group…

Room Escape is a great element for various workplace health promotions, team building and to strengthen team spirits. In room escape games the participants’ deduction, communication and especially cooperation skills are set free and put to the test. The joy and exhilaration of solving the puzzles provides unforgettable experiences for the whole group. The sense of time disappears, as your brain is forced to think of things in a different way.


You should be able to find a suitable theme from our variety of escape rooms. There are four different themes altogether, some of which there are more than one of. The total of escape rooms is 8 and we can accommodate 48 players simultaneously.

For a fee, you can add an extra puzzle to the game. It comes in the form of a small locked chest, the contents of which you choose yourself and deliver to us prior to the beginning of the game. The chest may hide for example a prize for a job well done, or perhaps some refreshments to fire up the brain cells during the game. More on both the escape room themes and the puzzle chest you’ll find on the games page.

Something else?

How about a meeting with a beautiful view over lake Näsijärvi, on the top floor of an old Finlayson factory building? Would you like to have coffee and breakfast with that meeting (and view), add some lunch and of course an afternoon tea with delicious pastries later in the day? If breakfast can’t be fitted into your schedule, we also serve delicious 3-course dinners. Although our staff does have some cooking skills, we still decided to leave the preparation to professionals. Our partner in all matters delicious is:


If you haven’t already, now would be the time to get acquainted with the offerings of 4Catering.

For meetings we have a room with a lot of natural light. The room features a screen, wireless internet, loudspeakers and a flip chart for notes. It’s called Solution and can fit 48 persons.

When you have reached the point when the meeting grinds to a halt due to lack of ideas, it’s time to get some new energy and innovations from the puzzles in the escape rooms. After an hour of playing it’s nice to continue the brainstorming with new vigour, although you can obviously schedule the game to the beginning or end of the meeting as well.

Whatever your meeting needs are, don’t be afraid to contact us. We’ll find a suitable solution together!

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Invoicing is possible for businesses, if arranged for in advance. The invoice can be delivered as an e-invoice, PDF-file or via mail. For invoicing we require in advance the official name of the company, business ID, billing address (mail address, email or e-invoicing address, including the operator ID) and a possible customer reference (place of expenditure or similar). Billing costs are 6,20€ (incl. VAT 10%)

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