Room Escape is a real life room escape game, where the flow sweeps you away and you lose all sense of time and place. Our rooms are filled with puzzles and riddles for your group to solve. You will need to bring your wits, creativity and logical thinking along in order to escape. Don’t forget to think outside the box!

Our game rooms are suitable for all ages as they don’t contain anything scary or physically demanding. Choose your city and find your theme. Book your game and get ready to spend the funniest hour of your life!


7.5.2020 Update on how the epidemic affects our operations 7.5.2020.

The government held a press conference on May the fourth. Some of the restrictions are being lifted on the 1st of June. We will be opening our escape rooms starting on the same day. We welcome our customers to play normally while adhering to recommended safety measures. The health of our customers and staff are … Continue reading Update on how the epidemic affects our operations 7.5.2020.

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1.9.2017 In Tampere, changes are a-coming!

Thursday, 23rd of October 2014 at 18.30 was a defining moment for the Room Escape- franchise, for that was the exact time the first players opened the door of The Office and started their hour of puzzle-solving and lock-opening. This October Room Escape Tampere celebrates its third birthday, and in a nice coincidence opens its … Continue reading In Tampere, changes are a-coming!

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