Gift cards

Give a gift of something unforgettable and something that will not wither!

Are you bored of coming up with ideas for a gift? Do you buy always the same things? Now you have a chance to be different and by something that will not be easily forgotten!

Room Escape games are a fantastic gift for every occasion: Mothers or Fathers Day, Graduation, Birthday, you name it. It is also a good way to reward a team for a job well done and to strengthen the feeling or teammanship.

Our Gift cards are available in different prices as the price of the game varies depending on the city and the size of the group. Always check the price from the city’s info. You can pay with the gift card on site so whoever receives your gift can book their game time from our website. You do not have to decide that for them.

Our Gift cards are are valid fro 12 months from the date of purchase and you may use them at our locations in Tampere or Helsinki.

You can choose one that will be sent to you via post or one that will be sent to you as a pdf to your email. You may also use the gift card as a partial payment method so if you like to pay only for one person, that is also now possible. You do not have to use the whole value at once.

Gift cards for Rovaniemi can be bought on location at Room Escape Rovaniemi at Cafe & Bar 21.

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