Bachelor and hen party package

Organizing a great bachelor or hen party can be a giant headache. What activity is fun, suites everyone, builds team spirits, rain can’t touch it and would be easy to organize? Room Escape is the answer!

Inside of an escape room you easily forget the day to day. People who don’t yet know each other will come out with a shared experience. You can even play the game in any weather. You won’t need a shower or a change of clothes either. The package includes one escape room that fits up to six people. If you have more players, please get in touch and we can plan the perfect package for your needs.

An escape room, conference room and a special Puzzle Box starting at 200 €.

How would a big conference room in the penthouse floor with access to a lakeview balcony sound? The package includes use of one of our meeting rooms for one hour of private use. You can use the time to speculate who had the quickest wits and where you succeeded in the games. You can bring your own beverages, but you must take into account our other customers in the premises. The meeting room fits a maximum of 23 people.



As a bonus we’ll include our extra Puzzle Box inside the escape room. You can fill it with a small gift, letter, photos, drinks or something else you’d like to surprise the bride or groom! We recommend you reserve us as an activity to start the day with, because the puzzles will be more fun with a clearer head!
The box fits up to eight 0,33 l cans or three piccolo bottles. It keeps the beverages cool.




(incl. escape room for six, meeting room for one hour and the Puzzle Box)

klo 11.00-17.00 200€ (The reservation must end by 17.00)
klo 17.00-22.00 250€ (The reservation must end by 22.00)


You can reserve the escape room from our calendar. Please mention the Bachelor or Hen party in the “Additional information”. If you want to have the package, please be in contact with us about the details via email If you can’t find a suitable time in our calendar please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!