Thursday, 23rd of October 2014 at 18.30 was a defining moment for the Room Escape- franchise, for that was the exact time the first players opened the door of The Office and started their hour of puzzle-solving and lock-opening. This October Room Escape Tampere celebrates its third birthday, and in a nice coincidence opens its third location as well. They say children grow and develop quickly, and so has this offspring, too.

Our new venue will be opened in the beautiful factory milieu of Finlayson, where one of our older venues is already located. The names of our venues are going to change slightly, so our players could find them more easily. The already existing Finlayson will be renamed Finlayson Media 54 after the building it’s located in, and the new venue at the end of Itäinenkatu will be called Finlayson TR9, also after the building it’s in.

The new location will be quite different from our other venues in Tampere, both in decor and in relation to the game rooms. Whereas Keskustori has the nostalgic feeling of those first game rooms, making it adorable and much-loved, the new venue will be a veritable event center. Finlayson TR9 has a staggering eight game rooms, with four different themes. All themes in Tampere are completely new, for we have altered the puzzles of two of the older themes, so even those who have played them before will find new challenges.

Besides the game rooms we have a meeting room as well, which can be booked for brainstorming, workplace wellbeing days, bachelor parties, or any other type of get-together one could think of. In order to start playing after your meeting, you don’t have to leave the premises at all, all it takes are a few steps from the meeting room to the game room. Whatever the occasion, we also cater for dining and snack needs, in co-operation with the well-known and professional local catering company 4catering.

Our website has gone through a great deal of changes as well, we hope you like them! We have already added the reservation calendar for Finlayson TR9 to the site, but please note that the first available game times are in October.

We’d like to extend a warm Thank You to all our customers, for without you all this wouldn’t have been possible. Welcome to play at Room Escape!