Room Escape Tennispalatsi

The second generation of our escape rooms are truly worth seeing and the new puzzles and riddles will surely offer excitement for all players.

These three rooms are themed as The Mayan Treasure, Out of Mars and The Secret Cabin. Grab your friends for an adventure!

Our reservation system reserves one room at a time. Gather your team of 2-6 persons per room and play! We recommend at least three players. Multiple rooms may be booked for bigger groups. Game takes max. 60 minutes.

If the game time you are looking for is within 24h, please give us a call!

The Mayan Treasure

Your team of archeologists has discovered where the treasure of a Mayan God is hidden. Everyone who ever searched for the treasure have gone missing. Intruders face a fate worse than death.

Can your expedition uncover the treasure or will you become victims of the temple of Kukulkan?

Out of Mars

You are on the first manned mission to Mars. Upon landing your shuttle is damaged beyond repair. Your mission is to find a way back to the mothership on orbit.

Will you brake the martian code before your time runs out?

After a succesful diamond heist your crew flees the scene to a secret cabin owned by a relative. The cousin wasn’t satisfied with his cut, so you have to disable his locks and hide the briefcase before coppers arrive.

There is no time to waste and you must escape!