The name of the game room reveals also the theme. In other words, rooms with different names have different puzzles and varying atmospheres. If the names on the other hand are the same, the puzzles and all over theme will be the same.

There is nothing scary in the rooms, and they are suitable for people of all ages. Still, players under 14 years of age aren’t allowed in the game rooms by themselves, because the puzzles may seem a little difficult without a little adult help.

There’s no need for special preparations, all you have to bring along is an open mind and a sunny attitude. If the thought of being locked inside a confined space isn’t that reassuring, please remember that the rooms all have safety locks which allow an immediate exit in the case of an emergency.


It’s possible to change the game rooms to better fit the occasion. For example, if you’re celebrating someones birthday or bachelor party, we can change the back story of the theme or hide a gift in the room. The costs of customization depend on the amount of changes made, so feel free to contact us and we’ll find a solution to fit your budget!

There’s also the possibility to add a puzzle chest to the game. This doesn’t affect the duration of the game, as the chest is added to the already existing puzzles. You can put a letter in the chest, or a small surprise. It can also be used as a cooler, as it fits up to 8 pieces of 0,33 liter beverage cans. The prise of the puzzle chest is 25€, and you can easily reserve it at same time you reserve the game room itself.

Please contact us as early as possible about changes, and bring the things to be hidden preferably on the day before the game.

The Secret Cabin

After a successful diamond heist, you run from the police to your relative’s cabin in the swamps. This isn’t the first time the old rascal will be hiding loot from the authorities. But your cousin wasn’t happy with his cut, so you’ll have to solve his puzzles and open the locks to the hiding place. The cops will be there within an hour, can you hide the briefcase full of loot before they break down the door?

Out of Mars

You’re part of the first manned mission to Mars. While the mothership orbited the planet you noticed peculiar structures and ships on the surface. How did they get there? While investigating one of the stations, upon entering you managed to trigger the alarm system. The self-destruction system has been initiated and you only have 60 minutes. Can you solve the mystery of the Mars capsule before time runs out?

The Mayan Treasure

Your group of archaeologists has stumbled upon the Mayas most sacred secret, the location of the legendary treasure of the great god Kukulkan. The hoard is protected by gods, and for a good measure by booby traps as well. Not one of the braves who have ventured to find the treasure has ever returned. Intruders are separated from devoted followers of Kukulkan by secret tasks. Only the long lost clergy of Kukulkan knew how to remove the treasure from the temple, everybody else has perished after an hour inside. Does your group succeed, or do you become trapped in the temple of Kukulkan?